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All Gaulzetti Bicycles come with a high quality wet finish, with all graphic elements painted directly on to the frame. Each season, Gaulzetti offers a palette of five distinct colors for our bicycles, plus Championship White. For 2018, these distinct colors are Miura Green, Gelbervogel Yellow, Tango Orange, Second Darkest Black, and French Blue, as pictured below:

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Clients may also opt to leave portions of composite or aluminum frames unpainted, which results in either a matte or gloss carbon fiber or a polished aluminum effect.

There is no upcharge for any approved paint design, although Gaulzetti reserves the right to decline a proposed design for any reason.  In general, choosing one color for the frame and fork, a second color for bands, stripes, or other graphic elements,  and a third color for logos will produce excellent results.

Paint schemes involving colors outside of the 2018 palette will incur an additional charge of $500.